Although it is common to us all, strikes within our core, grief is particular, private and unknowable from outside. It is between the one who has gone and the one who remains. Every stone, flower, and artifact left upon a grave marks a relationship and possibly an attempt at a kind of transcendental contact.

The Gloves – A portrait

He left this world and behind him left 138 work gloves. The gloves he used to build, make and mend things. In wear, crease and stain there are ventures of all kinds and hold in their character the times they spent in use.

“Stay for me there: I will not fail to meet thee in that hollow vale.” Henry King

In Pieces

mixed media collage 36.5″ x18.5″

Going,going 92″x92″ acrylic

Going going Gone

The image below is the only photo I have of this painting as it was in the early stages of it’s first finished state. The painting was developed a reasonably believable space and a particular settled sense of place. It was close to being finished when solid ground fell away beneath me and the previously tangible became elusive. The final Going Going (left) comes from a world that destroyed and desolated through grief, a new reality.