Personal Protection

This is where it gets sticky.

When covid came along, we were looking for protective procedures. As it turned out, I had already started this painting of a horse protected against all eventualities.

Studying a collection of human safety gear gathered over a lifetime influenced this piece. As the collector is no longer with us, these robust shields became items of irony.

For once I felt in sync. The collective attention seemed to catch up as the world struggled to acquire face masks, gloves, and anything that may safeguard against the threat of coronavirus.

I paint horses as self-portraits. This horse was protected against blows and assaults on every sense. We protect ourselves, without any assurance that protection will deliver. But in the current climate, the physical armour has become a part of our everyday existence. We do our best with what we have when we have it, and perhaps, it’s better safe than sorry.

Still untitled and unfinished for the foreseeable future.

Please wear your face mask.